About Us

Started in 2008, we were earlier called Don Bosco Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, and have this year been renamed Don Bosco College – Hospitality Studies.

The DON BOSCO COLLEGE-HOSPITALITY STUDIES offers a Degree course affiliated with the Mumbai University.

In the eight years, the Institute has strategized and strived to provide the best infrastructure and recruit experienced and enthusiastic faculty to achieve its objectives. Beyond the academic curriculum, there are various co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities that provide students with the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. Whether it is organising Theme Lunches or other events or playing on the football ground, the purpose is not only to discover and recognise individual talent but also to encourage students to work as a team.

There is no dearth of qualified individuals from Institutes all over the country; however, skills and knowledge are secondary in the Hospitality Industry where the key to success is Attitude. Sessions in Personality Development, Counselling and a Weekly Assembly are some of the initiatives that help to instil ‘Values’ in the students.

The Institute follows through with its mission statement via its community service programs. The Institute had launched several cookery programs for Women’s Self Help Groups hailing from the slums of Mumbai or cuisine specific courses for shipping companies. This training encourages economic independence and initiates entrepreneurship. This initiative is a clear reflection of the fact that this is an organisation that will ‘walk the talk’.


  1. DBC-Hospitality Studies was established with the objective of developing multi-skilled professionals, taking training out of the traditional confines of a classroom and placing it back into the industry that it serves. We pride ourselves on “Quality not Quantity” and have gained much industry recognition and many accolades for our industry-based programs.
  2. Flexibility, availability and reliability are some of the core values of the organisation. These are reflected in the success of the projects undertaken.
  3. We at DBC-HS look to the future, look to its needs and its potential and prepare our institute to meet up with those challenges. This has been the mantra that has set into motion the directive to make the Three-Year BSc course from Mumbai University top-ranked and with graduating students that are at the height of their game and employability.